This site was created as a tool for public and community radio stations to pass along creative solutions to common problems, act as a clearinghouse of available training programs and procedures and monitor the overall health of local community and public radio in America.
The site is meant to be flexible and dynamic and will hopefully grow organically to serve its users. Having said that I think there are several good sites that address many of the technical hurdles stations face. for example is doing a great job of discussing issues with transmitters, broadcast boards, CD players etc. I hope we’ll have some of that here but I’m especially looking to gather material and foster discussions on the building of radio content. Good content is more important than ever. Just getting a signal to someone doesn’t mean as much anymore. To be effective and relevant local radio must improve and perfect what it can do best. Like; how to respond to community emergencies, how to make compelling public affairs, and how to bring the global community to the local community. To accomplish this radio must also improve and perfect how they train effective on-air personnel, the best method for creating workable by-laws, How they recruit good board members, etc.
This will work best as an open a dialogue with others concerned about the nature and future of media, the press, technology and our ability to affect change through communicating in diverse and thought-provoking ways carried over the public airwaves.
It’s my hope and working life’s goal to breakdown the barriers to the access of media. I want to help people effectively use media to solve problems. I welcome your ideas.
Please check it out and add something constructive and thanks for stopping by.


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